About us

Al-Rajhi group path strategically crafted its policy to expand and diversify to cope with this revitalization witnessed by the country and with the beginning of the implementation of the Five-Year Plans of success, we started by creating vibrant and broad backed financial capabilities and intellectuals, well established and the accumulated experience of its founders to provide customs clearance services and transport to many sectors and agencies, companies and institutions kingdom wide, and has contributed to several factors in the success of its most important limitation of liability and the vision, values, attitudes of their own and the commitment of the executive management to its program, to have the best techniques and attract expertise and management for the development of management systems and improve the training of cadres for the application of the best standards of quality experience overall as well as deep knowledge in the field of customs clearance and transportation.

Al-Rajhi group was keen to publish a clear vision and long-term mission, in order to be paid to the development and growth through the management of strategic planning and business development who are also reviewed and intensify efforts to earn more trust and respect with its customers.

Our Values


Our commitment to meet the needs of all our customers, but to provide service beyond their expectations to complete their task within targeted timelines


That the concept of responsibility and consciousness we need to perform our job and do it to the fullest practitioners in the accuracy of our responsibility for our team and our sense of the extent of means and in kind to the needs of our customers to get their work done faster


Our behavior is characterized by honesty and keep our promises and we are committed to our pledges etiquettes and demonstrate high professional standards, consistent with our promises and subsequent actions


we pursuing the principle of transparency in all our dealings


We maintain absolute secrecy

Our Goal

To occupy the leading position to meet the client’s needs at the best of competitors.

Our Vision

  • Provide quality service to customers.
  • Achieve maximum satisfaction to our customers.